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COVID-19 testing

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At Comprehensive Labs LLC, we use state of the art technology to provide highly accurate COVID-19 testing, including:

      RealTime PCR Tests

      Rapid Antibody Tests

      Antigen Tests

Our laboratory’s innovation and technology allows results to be provided within 24-36 hours of receipt.

COVID-19 testing available in selected states:


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    More than 4,800 testing locations.

    Get accurate test results for COVID-19, including the Delta variant. You’ll be shown test types and turnaround times when you choose a location.

    Testing for travel?

    Lab test (PCR/ NAAT)
    Results within 1-3 days.This test is
    accepted for most travel.

    Rapid-result (PCR)
    Results within hours. The test is accepted for most travel. Limited availability

    Feeling sick?

    Lab test + optional flu test
    One swab, two tests for eligible
    individuals. Results with in 1-3 days

    Rapid-result (antigen)
    Results within hours

         COVID-19 testing available in selected states:

          TEXAS      CALIFORNIA      FLORIDA

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      What you need to know about testing for travel


      Requirements vary by destination. It is your responsibility to select the correct test type for your destination and to get tested at the proper time to get a valid result. Test types and turnaround times are listed when you schedule your test.

      How Testing Works

      1. Choose a reason for testing

      Answer a few questions to help us understand your symptoms and risk of exposure.

      2. Schedule a visit

      Select a test site and available time. Fill out the registration form.

      3. Get ready

      Bring insurance card and proof of identity if you have them, as well as test confirmation email or text message. Be sure to have your mobile phone in case we need to reach you.

      4. Take the test

      Upon arrival, follow instructions posted at the site. Testing methods and turnaround times will vary by location.

      5. Access your results

      We’ll text a secure link to your results — which you can access for 5 days. For longer access, you can simply save them to your phone or view them on your health dashboard.

      COVID-19 resources from Comprehensive Labs

      At-home testing

      Purchase an over-the-counter kit to conveniently test for COVID-19 from the comfort of your home.

      Shop for COVID-19 tests

      Antibody testing

      Our providers will test you for previous exposure to COVID-19 and review your results with you.

      Learn about antibody testing

      COVID-19 Vaccine

      Learn more about the vaccine and make an appointment near you.

      Schedule a COVID-19 vaccine


      Here are a few common questions we get regarding COVID-19 testing at Comprehensive Labs.

      Testing for travel  | Registration and scheduling  | Cost and payment  | Qualifying for testing  | Taking the test  | Getting results

      Testing for Travel

      Can I use my COVID-19 test results from CVS for Hawaii’s pre-travel testing program?
      Non-vaccinated travelers: In accordance with Hawaii’s Pre-Travel COVID-19 Testing Program the state will accept results from PCR/NAAT tests only, which Comprehensive labs offers at drive-thru lab testing locations (Rapid-result antigen test results are not accepted). Also, results must be returned prior to departure from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii. Patient samples collected at our COVID-19 drive-thru testing sites are sent offsite to independent, third-party labs that are responsible for processing the results. While turnaround times are 1-3 days on average, we cannot guarantee, prioritize or otherwise expedite results.
      Vaccinated travelers: Effective July 8, the state of Hawaii will eliminate its pre-travel testing/quarantine requirement for domestic travelers to Hawaii who have been fully vaccinated in the United States. Vaccinated travelers to Hawaii must upload their CDC-issued record card to the state’s  and have the card with them upon arrival in Hawaii.

      If traveling, how soon should I take my test before I leave?Requirements vary, so be sure to check with your destination to make sure you’re tested at the right time before departing. Getting tested too early or too late, or getting the wrong type of test, may result in needing to self-quarantine at your destination.How do I schedule testing for my cruise?Testing is included at no extra charge with certain cruise line bookings. You may be required to take as many as three tests for cruise. If a preliminary test is required, you can schedule at select Comprehensive Labs locations. For a departure or return test, you need to register through Comprehensive Labs but do not need to make a specific appointment. To see what tests are required for your cruise and to register if necessary, use your passenger reference ID.